1. Where do the objects featured in Lalstore come from?
  2. The objects featured on LalStore are production used by Shri. Mohanlal in his movies, or things from his art gallery, collections etc. We at Lalstore are not manufacturers of these products

  3. Are the objects featured authentic?
  4. Yes, they are. We will also be uploading the image of the product wherein you can see how they were related to Shri. Mohanlal.

  5. Where are, the products shipped from?
  6. Objects are generally shipped from our Cochin/Thiruvananthapuram Office. In certain cases this may be shipped from Chennai

  7. Can I collect an object I purchase directly from your office?
  8. Certain items may be collected directly from our offices in Cochin/Thiruvananthapuram.

  9. What happens to unsold items in Lalstore?
  10. If an object remains unsold after certain collection has closed and still you wish to purchase it, you may communicate the same through contact page.When the product is available for sale we shall let you know.